About Me


Kisha Shantell, a Chicago Native was born November 14, 1984 and grew up in the Rogers Park Neighborhood. Before taking her career seriously, Kisha Shantell did her own acting and dancing around the house, performing short skits for her family, often imitating people she may have seen at school, the playground, shopping malls, etc. Kisha Shantell comes from a talented family. Her father's side of the family has musical talent. Her dad was a part of the family band called "The Chicago Wonders" as the lead Guitarist and Pianist. Her sophomore year at Roger C Sullivan High School, Kisha Shantell was very pleased to meet Savion Glover the Famous tap dancer, choreographer, and actor through her dance teacher Ms. Deidre Dawson.

While in high school, Kisha Shantell learned various types of dance (Jazz, Hip-Hop, Ballet, Modern, Tap, Latin, etc.). People noticed that Kisha Shantell stood out, and her dance teacher offered her a spot in the CPS All-City Dance Ensemble as one of the dance captains. Kisha Shantell also had the opportunity to dance with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. After that performance, Kisha Shantell knew that acting and dancing would forever be a part of her life.

After graduating high school in 2003, Kisha Shantell landed some extra roles. In 2010 Kisha Shantell was a "featured car accident extra" in the short film, "Faster," which was accepted into several festivals including the Chicago International Film Festival, the Cannes Short Film Corner, and the British Film Institute's London Film Festival.

Kisha Shantell has immersed herself into film exploring her many talents in writing, directing, producing and casting. But her true passions are acting, writing and creative producing. Kisha Shantell's goals are to study her craft to perfection or close to it! Creating a successful career for herself. She wants to be the next best actress, writer, director & producer to set Chicago on fire.

Most recently, Kisha Shantell has developed a series called "Khyli's Tangled World" a web-series that follows an aspiring actress as she navigates through life balancing her family drama, father's legacy and career.

Kisha Shantell is currently working on writing her first book, filming her first series Khyli's Tangled World, further developing her other original twweb-series and is working on launching her production company Kisha Shantell Productions, where she is the Artistic/Creative Director. Kisha Shantell is very grateful for the extraordinary opportunities that have been given, excelling and conquering as she continues with her career.